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March 18, 2012

A long time ago…

I remember a story my grandmother once told me – about how she would take the bus (yes, in South Africa) with her four (yes 4) children. She would pack them all up and take them all with her wherever she went. My grandfather was working and she was a house wife. Pretty typical of the times I guess. But I couldn’t imagine even attempting public transport with my 2 year old. Sitting on a bus, standing at a station?

Us dwellers of South Africa don’t have as good a transport system as they do overseas, and to be honest, I have never caught a South African taxi ever. No, not once in my life. Mind you, I don’t think I’ve even caught any other kind of taxi in South Africa… A bus, yes, a train, yes, but never a taxi.

I guess I’m used to bundling myself and my family up and loading us all (dog included) into the car for our regular adventures. I am fortunate enough to not wait around for public transport… Fortunate enough to have a car and to afford (for now) to drive it.