Sicky poo

Its the first time in probably over a year that I feel really crappy. And the first time in about 3 years that I have a temperature. All I want is for someone to look after me. But no… the big man also has to be sick. And the little lady is also not at her best – testing the limits with her running nose.

“Selfish much?”  is what I hear myself saying to myself. And I have to remind myself that every now and again it can actually be all about me. No, I’m not a martyr, and I won’t pretend to be. I just, would like to have someone take care of me for a little while. I miss it. The little things… “would you like something to drink”. “Are you ok?” “Can I make you a sandwich?”

Don’t get me wrong, I am very happy with my big man, and I love taking care of my family… I think what is bugging me the most is that I feel crap. And he feels crap. And I feel like I’m not allowed to feel crappy, because he is. So I can’t ask him to look after me, because he’s also feeling yuk. I mean really, between the two of us, our noses have gone through 2 rolls of toilet paper in 24 hours. Fun I tell you.



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